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Mr. Vedran Obuci
Masters (including MRes, MBA, MPA), Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb
Current or most recent Employer

Head of Department for Turkey and the Middle East

Institute for European and Globalisation Studies
Time in Post - 1

Organisation Type: Consultancy and research - including think-tanks (private sector)

Regional Expertise

Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic,

Disciplinary or professional background

Business, Education, Humanities, Government, Law, Political science, Religious/clerical, Sociology

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Academic publications
Books - Politički sustav Islamske republike Iran (Political System of the Islamic Republic of Iran). Političke alize. Zagreb (to be published in 2017) - The Political Semiotics of the Tehran Murals (writing in progress) - Political Though of Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti (writing in progress) - Premature Return: Thy Symbol of Imam Zaman and Its Use in Ahmadinejad Presidencies, waiting to be published in the Jourl of Culture and Religion - Social populism and the future of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Croatian Political Science Review, Vol. 52 No. 4-5 , 2015 - Impact of Shale Oil and Gas Boom on the Geopolitics of the Persian Gulf. Waiting for review in the Jourl of Asian Security and Intertiol Affairs - Shaul M. Gabbay and Amin M. Kazak: One Land, Two Stories, Book Review, Croatian Political Science Review, no 51 (2), pp216.219 - The influence of Iranian Revolution on the Arab Uprisings in 2011. Political Alysis, vol 7, No 28, 2016 - Why Islamic State is “so called”, Political Alysis 23, Faculty of Political Sciences, Zagreb, November 2015 - Turkish Politics towards Cyprus, Political Alysis 22, Faculty of Political Sciences, Zagreb, August 2015 - Symbolic me Strategies: Iran and the Persian Gulf. HH Sheikh sser al-Mohammad al-Sabah Publication Series. March, 2015

Academic conferences
- Role of Dowreh in the Political System of Iran, lecturer at the Second Intertiol Symposium on Politics and Society in the Islamic World, Nicolaus Copernicus University Torun, Poland, October 20-21, 2016 - The Sustaibility of Welfare Institutions

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