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Prof. Taghreed Alhaidari
Doctorate, Arabic Board of Medical Specialization
Current or most recent Employer

Head of Scientific Unit / Alkindy Medical College.

Alkindy Medical College Dean/ Mohammed Al Qortas
Time in Post - 10

Organisation Type: University

Regional Expertise


Disciplinary or professional background

Education, Evaluation research, Health/Medicine, Policy/political advocacy (including human rights)

Contact Info

+964 7906216647

Consultant Obs. & Gyn. / Head of Scientific committee at Alkindy College of Medicine
Social Media

Taghreed K Alhaidari (Facebook)

Public Profiles

Taghreed Alhaidari

Current Areas of Policy Interest

Education policy ( 16 years )

Health policy ( 8 years )


Academic publications Taghreed Alhaidari

Academic conferences
The 6th Intertiol Scientific Meeting of Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists. Cairo. Sept. 2005. • The British Intertiol Congress of Obstetrics and Gyecology, London, July 2007. • The first tiol conference on continuing Professiol development in Iraq, Jan., 2008. • The first Intertiol Scientific Conference of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Erbil, Iraq. April, 2008. • The Second Arabic Intertiol Congress on Ultrasound and Fetomaterl Medicine in Amman, April, 2008. • XIX FIGO World Congress of Gyecology and Obstetrics to in Cape Town, South Africa. October, 4- 9th 2009. And attending the Obstetrics and gynecological societies meeting. • RCOG 8th Intertiol Scientific Meeting, Abu Dhabi, Dec, 2009. • Intertiol Scientific Conference on Health Researches, Iraq, Dec, 2009. (Member of scientific committee). • The first women conference about woman & science in Iraq, March, 2010. • The 14th scientific conference, of Baghdad College of medicine, April, 2010. • The first scientific conference of planning and resources development in the ministry of health, May, 2010. • Setting Essential Accreditation Standards In an Iraqi Hospitals and PHCs conference in Baghdad. June, 2010. • The 40th conference of Iraqi Medical Syndicate in Sulaimany. Sep., 2011.(Scientific committee). • The annual congress of the Lebanese society of Obs. & Gyn. Beirut. Nov., 2011. • The 18th conference of MEFS. Beirut. Nov., 2011. • Medical education improvement in Iraq by Baghdad Medical College. Dec., 2011. • The 5th Scientific conference of Iraqi committee for medical specialization. Baghdad, March, 2012. • XX FIGO conference of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Rome, Italy. Oct., 2012. • Human Resources Training& Development Center, Fourth annual conference. Baghdad. Dec., 6th – 8th 2012. • The third annual scientific clinical conference of Al Resafa directorate. Baghdad, Dec. 26th -27th 2012. • Al kindy college Intertiol conference. Baghdad, Oct. 30th -31st 2013.(Scientific committee). • The Intertiol Annual Meeting of the Lebanese Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Beirut, Nov. 14th- 16th 2013. • The 6th scientific conference of Iraq Scientific Committee of Medical Speciality. Baghdad, Iraq. March, 30th -31st 2014 • The 2nd conference for undergraduate students researches/ Alkindy College of Medicine. April, 23th 2014. • The Intertiol Annual Meeting of the Lebanese Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Beirut, Nov. 13th- 15th 2014. • The 5th scientific conference of Endocrinology and Diabetes. Baghdad, Dec., 24th -26th 2014. • The 1st Intertiol Conference for Medical Education. Babylon, Iraq. Feb., 15th -16th 2015. • The 10th scientific conference of Al Mustansiriya College of Medicine. Baghdad, Iraq. Apr., 9th –10th, 2015. • The 19th Intertiol Annual Congress of Lebanese Society of Obs. & Gyn., Beirut, Lebanon, Nov., 19th -21th, 2015. • The 3rd Scientific Conference of Al Kindy College of medicine. Baghdad, Iraq, March, 2nd -3rd , 2016. • The 1st Intertiol Scientific Committee of Iraqi Hypertension Society. Baghdad, Iraq, Sept., 28th – 29th, 2016.

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