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Dr. Sarah Sabry
Doctorate, SOAS, University of London
Current or most recent Employer

Head, DRR, Resilience and Urban programs

Save the Children
Time in Post - 1

Organisation Type: NGO/Charity - delivery and advocacy

Regional Expertise

Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Syrian Arab Republic, Yemen,

Disciplinary or professional background

Development Studies, Development (applied)

Contact Info


Sihlquai 253, 8005 Zürich
Social Media (Other)

Current Areas of Policy Interest

Poverty or deprivation reduction ( 18 years )

Poverty or deprivation measurement ( 18 years )

Social protection

Social safety nets ( 13 years )

Labour and employment policies ( 13 years )


Academic publications
Peer-reviewed Sabry, S. (2010) ‘How poverty is underestimated in Greater Cairo, Egypt.’ Environment and Urbanization, Vol. 22, No.2: 523-541 Sabry, S. (2005) ‘The Social Aid and Assistance programme of the government of Egypt – a critical review’, Environment and Urbanization, Vol. 17, No. 2: 27-41 Chapter in Book Sabry, S. (2016) An Introduction to Informal Housing in Cairo. Housing Cairo: The Informal Response. M. Angélil and C. Malterre-Barthes in collaboration with Something Fantastic and Cluster. Berlin, Ruby Press: 253-256. Sabry, S. (2009) Egypt’s Informal Areas: Iccurate and Contradictory Data. Cairo's Informal Areas Between Urban Challenges and Hidden Potentials – Facts. Voices. Visions. Cairo, GTZ: 29-33. Book review Sabry, S. (2015). "Book review: Food Security in the Middle East, by Zahra Babar and Suzi Mirgani (eds.). London: Hurst & Company, 2014. Pp. v+379. £25 (pb). ISBN 978-1-84904-302-1"." Jourl of Agrarian Change, Vol. 15(Issue 4): 611–613 Links here:

Academic conferences

Professional or Trade Press
Newspaper opinion articles: Sabry, S. (2016). How did Brazil reduce poverty and inequality? Mada Masr.Cairo Sabry, S. (2015). كيف استطاعت البرازيل الحد من الفقر وعدم المساواة؟ Al Shorouk. Cairo, Al Shorouk. (How did Brazil reduce poverty and inequality?) Sabry, S. (2015) Egypt’s 2016 census: the data we need. Mada Masr. Cairo Sabry, S. (2015) Informal settlements: Swept under the carpet? Mada Masr. Cairo Sabry, S. (2015) إلغاء وزارة العشوائيات خطأ فادح.Al-Shorouk. Cairo (Cancelling Egypt’s Ministry for Urban renewal and informal settlements is a grave mistake) Sabry, S. (2015) تعداد 2016.. فرصتنا لفهم أفضل للعشوائيات فى مصر. Al-Shorouk. Cairo (The 2016 Census: our opportunity to better understand informal areas in Egypt) Sabry, S. (2014) حان الوقت لمواجهة حقيقة الفقر. Mada Masr. Cairo Sabry, S. (2014) Pause for a second and visualize this – poverty in Egypt. Mada Masr. Cairo Sabry, S. (2008) Lost In the Slums. Al-Ahram Weekly.Cairo Links here:

Policy Reports
Sabry, S. (2010). Could Urban Poverty in Egypt Be Grossly Underestimated? Development Viewpoint. London, SOAS - Centre for Development Policy and Research. Links here:

Consultancy Reports
Sabry, S. (2005) ‘Funding for youth development work in Egypt’ (Prepared for the Ford Foundation) Sabry, S. (2005) “Resources in Arabic for youth development – an Annotated Bibliography” (Prepared for the Ford Foundation)