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Dr. Sara de Simone
Doctorate, University of ples L'Orientale - University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Current or most recent Employer

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Trento

Organisation Type: University

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Disciplinary or professional background

Development Studies, Political science, Social/Public Policy

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Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento. Via verdi 26, 38122, Trento
Public Profiles

Current Areas of Policy Interest

Governance (Local Governance and Decentralization) ( 4 years )


Academic publications
 “L‟utilizzo dello Stato: discorsi e pratiche sull‟erogazione di servizi in Sud Sudan” (Using the State: discourses and practices on local service delivery in South Sudan), Afriche e Orienti, special issue 2/3, 2016.  “Building a Fragmented State: Land governce and conflict in South Sudan”. Jourl of Peacebuilding and Development, Vol. 10, No. 3, 2015. pp. 60-73  “Post Conflict decentralization: Dymics of land and power in Unity State – South Sudan”. UNISCI Discussion Papers No. 33, Special Issue on Sudan and South Sudan, October 2013. pp. 35-55  “La crisi in Sud Sudan: croca di u morte annunciata?” (South Sudan crisis: chronicle of a foretold death?) Afriche e Orienti, 3-4/2013. pp. 139-145  “Venti di guerra nelle tre aree” (War in the three areas). Afriche e Orienti, 3-4/2011.

Academic conferences
IV Conferenza Associazione per gli Studi Africani in Italia (ASAI): “Africa in fermento.Conflitti, modernità, religioni” at the University of Catania. Title of the presentation:“Disempowering resilience: coping with delivery failures through exit and survival strategies in South Sudan”.  6th European Conference on African Studies (ECAS): “Collective Mobilisations in Africa. Contestation, Resistance, Revolt”. University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 8-10 July 2015. Convenor and chair of the panel “Local State-making in Africa: Between Intertiol Programs and Everyday Administration”.  Doctoral semir of the Department of Asia Africa and Mediterranean, University of ples L‟Orientale, 8-10 June 2015. Title of the presentation: “Lo Stato Sud Sudanese tra costruzione, formazione, frammentazione” (The South Sudanese state: between statebuilding, formation and fragmentation)  Research Workshop “Autorità locali e risorse in Africa” (Local authorities and resources in Africa), 14 April 2015, at the University of ples L‟Orientale. Title of the presentation: “Diritti consuetudiri alla terra e cittadinza in Sud Sudan” (Citizenship and customary rights to land in South Sudan).  Intertiol Colloquium “Practices of the State in Africa. Contested social and political spaces”, 26-27 March 2015 at the University of ples L‟Orientale. Title of the presentation: “Phenomenology of the local State: „service delivery‟ discourses and practices in South Sudan.  Nordic Africa Days 2014, 26-27 September 2014 at the University of Uppsala – Nordic Africa Institute. Title of the presentation: “Land governce and fragmented state formation in South Sudan”  III Conferenza dell‟Associazione di Studi Africani in Italia (ASAI) “Africa in Movimento” at the University of Macerata, 17-20 September 2014. Convenor of the panel “The local State and the provision of public services in Africa”.  European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) 5th Graduate Student Conference, at the University of Innsbruck, 3-5 July 2014. Title of the presentation: “The political ture of service delivery and local government empowerment in South Sudan”.  “Youth Politics Colloquium. The shifting spaces and modalities of youth politics in Africa”, organized by the History Workshop, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 8-9 April 2014. Title of the presentation: “Returned youth strategies of reintegration into social and political ares in South Sudan”.  Sudan Studies Association 32nd Annual Conference: “Greater Sudan: Cross-roads to the future”, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 23-24 May 2013. Title of the presentation: “Interl borders and community disputes among Unity State Counties”.  European Conference of African Studies at the University of Lisbon, 27-29 July 2013. Title of the presentation: “South Sudan‟s decentralization process between intertiol pressure and local agendas”.  Intertiol Doctoral Workshop: “Citizenship rights, social movement and political change in Africa”, Procida, 7 – 9 October 2012, organized by the University of ples L‟Orientale. Title of the presentation: “Who is the „community‟? Participation and exclusion in the negotiation of land deals in South Sudan”  Corto Summer School in African Studies. “African Dymics in the Global World: New powers, subjectivities and social forces”. Corto, 18 – 24 giugno 2012, organized by the Africa-Europe Group for Interdiscipliry Studies (AEGIS). Title of the presentation: “Land leases in South Sudan: Investments and survival in Central Equatoria State”.

Policy Reports
“South Sudan. A dark and thick forest of foreign investment: Central Equatoria Teak Company Case Study”, In The Great Rush. European Union responsibility in tural resources grabbing, by Anlisa Stagni et al., produced by Mani Tese, Bankwatch, CeVI, Comitato Italiano Contratto Mondiale sull‟acqua, Les Amis de la Terre, Re:Common. 2012, pp. 59-64.

Consultancy Reports
"Participation in Service Delivery: Assessment for Yei, Torit, Yambio, Wau, Aweil and Kuajok." (co-authored with Andreas Hirblinger), Geselleschaft fur Intertiol Zusammerrbeit, June 2016, unpublished

"La carestia in Sud Sudan: la storia si ripete?", ISPI, 6 March 2017: "Sud Sudan: le radici di u crisi a intermittenza", ISPI, 20 July 2016. "What is tribalism and how does it matter for South Sudan?" (co-authored with Andreas Hirblinger). African Arguments, 24 December 2013.

Handbook: "Kickstarting participation in the delivery of municipal services. A practitioner's guide for South Sudan". (Co-authored with Andreas Hirblinger) Gesellschaft fur Intertiol Zusammerbeit, 2016. Unpublished.