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Dr. Salpie Djoundourian

Salpie Djoundourian, an associate professor of Economics in the Adnan Kassar School of Business at the Lebanese American University, Byblos Campus. The positions she held at the University include the following: -associate dean of the School of Business 2011-2018 -assistant dean of the School of Business 2008-2011 -chair of the Departments of Economics and Management in 2005-2008. Dr. Djoundourian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Trade and Finance (1985); a Masters of Science degree in Economics (1987); and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Economics (1993), from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her primary area of expertise is Applied Microeconomics with emphasis in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics and Public Finance and secondary area of expertise is Environmental Planning and Management. She is actively involved in academic research and scholarly work as well as consultancy work for reputable organizations in both private and public sector. Her research appeared in Public Choice, Family Business Review, Environment, Development and Sustainability, and Transportation Research D, among others.

Doctorate, Louisiana State University
Current or most recent Employer

Associate Dean

Lebanese American University
Time in Post - 7

Organisation Type: University

Regional Expertise

Lebanon, Oman,

Disciplinary or professional background

Business, Economics, Evaluation research, Social/Public Policy


Arabic (Spoken), Arabic (Written), English (Spoken), English (Written), English (Primary Writing Language), French (Primary Writing Language), Other* (Spoken), Other* (Written),
Other *Armenian

Contact Info


Department of Economics Adnan Kassar School of Business Lebanese American University P.O. Box 36 Byblos, Lebanon
Current Areas of Policy Interest

Public Finance

Public Policy ( 25 years )

Economic development

Areas of Policy Interest over the last ten years

Areas of Policy Interest researched, programmes designed and/or delivered in the last ten years

Public Policy

Governance (Local & Decentralization)

Economic development

Public finance


Academic publications
Djoundourian, S. (2011). Environmental movement in the Arab world. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 13(4), 743-758.

Academic conferences
“Environmental Performance of Developing Countries: A Comparative Study,” Topics in Middle East and North African Economies, electronic Journal, Volume 14, 265-277, Middle East Economics Association and Loyola University Chicago, September 2012.

Policy Reports

Policy Briefs
Contributing author in the scientific report designed for policy makers from the proceedings of the Regional Workshop entitled "Human impacts on Mediterranean marine ecosystems and the economy", Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, Monaco, October 18-19, 2017

Consultancy Reports
"Impact Assessment of the Job Creation Component of ESFD" Contracted and Funded by the European Union Commission, Implemented by the Information International, March 2015.