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Dr. Rasha Istaiteyeh
Doctorate, University of Kassel-Germany
Current or most recent Employer

Head of Department

The Hashemite University
Time in Post - 5

Organisation Type: University

Regional Expertise

Disciplinary or professional background

Development Studies, Development (applied), Economics

Contact Info

+962 799358929

The Hashemite University P.O Box 330128 Postal code 13133 Zarqa-Jordan
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Current Areas of Policy Interest

Social work

Economic development ( 3 years )


Academic publications
Sarhan, el; Istaiteyeh, Rasha M. S.; Alrawabdeh, Wasfi (2015): Masculinity and Femininity Cultural Value and Service Quality. “Intertiol Jourl of Applied Business and Economic Research (I J A B E R) (ISSN: 0972-7302), Vol. 13, No. 1: 273-286. (Publisher: Serials Publications Pvt.LtD: India) URL: Abu Shiekhah, der; Sarhan, el; Abbad, Muneer; Istaiteyeh, Rasha M. S. (2015): The impact of persol characteristics and employees perception towards the objectivity of performance appraisal. Business and Economic Research (ISSN: 2162-4860). Vol.5. Nr.2:170-190. (Publisher: Macrothink Institute: USA) URL: Istaiteyeh, Rasha M. S. ; Ismail, Mohd Tahir (2017): Electricity consumption and real GDP causality nexus in Jordan. Intertiol Jourl of Economic Perspectives (ISSN: 1307-1637).Volume 11, Issue1: Forthcoming. (Publisher: Intertiol Economic Society: Turkey). AL-Qalawi, Usama R.; Jemel, Hail; Alwaked, Ahmad, Istaiteyeh, Rasha M. S. (2017): The Influence of Indirect Monetary Tools on Price and Output: the case of Jordan (1993-2013). Banks and Bank Systems (BBS) (ISSN: 1816-7403). Vol.12, Issue1: Forthcoming (Publisher: Business Perspectives: Ukraine). URL: Istaiteyeh, Rasha M. S. (2016): Statiority and Cointegration between Health Care Expenditure and Gross Domestic Product for Jordan. American Jourl of Applied Sciences (ISSN: 1546-9239), Forthcoming.(Publisher: Science Publications: USA). URL: Istaiteyeh, Rasha M. S. ; Usama Robin Al-Qalawi; Sarhan, el; Gaillard, Jacques,(2016): Physicians’ Circular Migration and Economic Consequence for Jordan. Intertiol Jourl of Business and Social Science (ISSN: 2219-1933), Vol 7, Issue 7, 22-33. (Publisher: Centre for Promoting Ideas: USA). URL: Istaiteyeh, Rasha M. S. ; Mohd Tahir Ismail(2015): A Causal Relationship Between Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth and Export: Empirical Case For Jordan. Advances in Magement & Applied Economics (ISSN: 1792-7544) (5)4: 19-30. (Publisher Scienpress Ltd: UK). URL: Milhem, Maysa’a; Istaiteyeh, Rasha, M. S. (2015): Fincial Performance of Islamic and Conventiol Banks: Evidence from Jordan. Global Jourl of Business Research (GJBR)(ISSN: 1931-0277) .V9, N3:27-42.(Publisher: The Institute for Business and Fince Research: USA) URL:

Academic conferences
Istaiteyeh, Rasha; Knerr, Beatrice (2011): The Impact of PhD Returnees in Driving Economic Development of Origin Countries: The Case of Jordan. EADI / DSA Conference Rethinking Development in an Age of Scarcity and Uncertainty. York, UK. URL: Istaiteyeh, Rasha (2010): Jordan Higher Education Export and Circular Migration. Proceeding Paper of the European Population Conference (EPC).Vien, Austria. URL: Istaiteyeh, Rasha (2010): Integrating Scientific Knowledge through Circular Migration: The Case of Jordan”. Proceeding Paper of the World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies. World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies, July 19th – 24th 2010 Barcelo, Spain. URL: Knerr, Beatrice; Istaiteyeh, Rasha; Zaqqa, dim (2009): Out-migration of highly-skilled labour force as a tool for sustaible economic development: the case of Jordan. Proceeding Paper of XXVI IUSSP Intertiol Population Conference. Marrakesh,Morocco. URL: Istaiteyeh, Rasha (2008): Jordan Higher Education Export and Circular Migration. Proceeding Paper of the 12thEADI General Conference "Global Governce for Sustaible Development: The Need for Policy Coherence and New Partnerships". Geneva, Switzerland. URL: