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Prof. Philippe Adair

Professorship in Economics. Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, University Paris-Est Créteil (2009-2014). PhD in Economics (1980). PhD in Sociology (1989). Vice-Chairman of Association Tiers-Monde (2013-2019) publishing Mondes en développement (ranked economics journal). Member of academic research unit Equipe de Recherche sur l’Utilisation des Données Individuelles en lien avec la Théorie Economique. I have strong expertise on informal employment and labour market policies in North Africa since 1999. I authored articles (11), reports (5), papers in proceedings, and international conferences (7); I was guest editor (2 journals) and I supervised PhD (5) that are relevant to the topic.

Doctorate, Ministry Of Higher Learning
Current or most recent Employer

Head of Department (12 years), Dean (5 years); Research Director (4 years).

University Paris Est Creteil
Time in Post - 12

Organisation Type: University

Regional Expertise

Algeria, Djibouti, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia,

Disciplinary or professional background

Development Studies, Development (applied), Sociology

Contact Info

+ 33 601354840

University Paris Est Créteil 61 Avenue du General de Gaulle 94010 Creteil
Public Profiles

I include herein a CV

Current Areas of Policy Interest

Inequality ( 10 years )

Public Policy ( 20 years )

Gender equality

Labour and employment policies ( 20 years )

Economic development ( 20 years )

Islamic finance ( 5 years )

Work relates to groups

Youth ( 5 years )

Areas of Policy Interest over the last ten years

Areas of Policy Interest researched, programmes designed and/or delivered in the last ten years

Public Policy

Poverty/deprivation reduction


Gender equality

Labour and employment polices

Economic development

Islamic finance


Academic publications
Adair P., Bellache Y., 2018, "Labour Market Segmentation and Occupational Mobility in Algeria: Repeated Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analyses (2007-2012)", Review of Development Economics 22(4): 1765-1783

Academic conferences
Benhabib L., Adair P., 2017, "Hiring Discrimination on the Algerian Labour Market: an Assessment with Testing", Africa Meeting of the Econometric Society, Algiers, June 29–July 1st

Policy Reports
Souag A., Adair P., Hammouda N.-E., 2018, Labour Market Program and the Informal Economy in Algeria FEM42-05 funded by FEMISE through the European Commission funding 2nd round - Managing the Transition of the South Med Countries, September 2016-August 2017. Final report January.