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Dr. Nicole Bromfield
Doctorate, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Current or most recent Employer

Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

University of Houston
Time in Post - 1

Organisation Type: University

Regional Expertise

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates,

Disciplinary or professional background

Social/Public Policy

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3511 Cullen Blvd. Room 110HA Houston, TX 77204
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nicolebromfield (Twitter)

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Current Areas of Policy Interest

Family policy

Health policy ( 6 years )

Social work


Academic publications
Rotabi, K.S, Bromfield, N.F., Matthews, J. & Abusarheen, T. (in press). The care of orphaned and vulnerable children in Islam: Exploring kafala with implications for social work practice with uccompanied refugee minors of Syria. Jourl of Human Rights and Social Work. Sloan, L., Bromfield, N.F., Matthews, J., & Rotabi, K. (in press). Developing social work program in Islamic countries: Opportunities, challenges, and lessons learned in the Arab Gulf. Jourl of Religion, Spirituality and Social Work. Bromfield, N.F. & Capous-Desyallas, M. (in press). Photovoice as a pedagogical tool: Exploring persol and professiol values with female Muslim social work students in an intercultural classroom setting. Jourl of Teaching in Social Work. Bromfield, N.F. & Mahmoud, M. (2016). Vulnerable road users and road safety culture: An exploratory study of child safety seat use in the United Arab Emirates. Jourl of Transportation Safety & Security. OnlineFirst. Doi: 10.1080/19439962.2016.1228090 Bromfield, N.F., Ashour, S., & Rider, K. (2016). Divorce from arranged marriages: An exploration of lived experiences. Jourl of Divorce and Remarriage, 57(4). Bromfield, N.F. (2016). “Surrogacy has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life”: A content alysis of blogs by U.S. gestatiol surrogates. IJFAB: Intertiol Jourl of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics, 9(1), 192-217. Bromfield, N.F. (2015). The sex trafficking of women: Historical and contemporary parallels, policies, and perspectives in U.S. social work. AFFILIA: A Jourl of Women and Social Work. OnlineFirst. Doi: 10.1177/0886109915616437 Rotabi, K. S., Bromfield, N.F., & Fronek, P. (2015). Intertiol private law to regulate commercial global surrogacy practices: Just what are social work’s practical policy recommendations? Intertiol Social Work, 58(4), 575-581. Bromfield, N.F., & Rotabi, K. S. (2014). Global surrogacy, exploitation, human rights and intertiol private law: A pragmatic stance and policy recommendations. Global Social Welfare, 1(3), 123–135. Bromfield, N.F. (2014). Interviews with divorced women from the United Arab Emirates: A rare glimpse into lived experiences. Families, Relationships and Societies, 3(3), 339–354. Al Gharaibeh, F., & Bromfield, N.F. (2012). An alysis of divorce cases in the United Arab Emirates: A rising trend. Jourl of Divorce & Remarriage, 53(6), 436–452. Bromfield, N.F., & Rotabi, K. S. (2012). Human trafficking and the Haitian child abduction attempt: Policy alysis and implications for social workers and SW. Jourl of Social Work Values and Ethics, 9(1), 1–25. Bromfield, N.F., & Capous-Desyllas, M. (2012). Underlying motives, moral agendas and unlikely partnerships: The formulation of the U.S. Trafficking in Victims Protection Act through the data and voices of key policy players. Advances in Social Work, 13(2), 243–261. Rotabi, K. S., & Bromfield, N.F. (2012). The decline in intercountry adoptions and new practices of global surrogacy: Global exploitation and human rights concerns. AFFILIA: A Jourl of Women and Social Work, 27(2), 129–141.

Academic conferences
Ensure Healthy Development for all Youth: Focus Groups with Emirati Women on Car-seat Usage in the United Arab Emirates Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) Conference January 2017, New Orleans, LA Vulnerable Road Users and Social Development: A Study of Car Safety Seat Use in two Gulf tions Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development June 2016, Seoul, Korea Development of Culturally Relevant Social Work Education Programs across the Globe Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development June 2016, Seoul, Korea Vulnerable Road Users: A Study of Child Safety Seat Use in the UAE (invited) The Third Forum on Traffic Safety: Youth and Traffic Safety November 2015, Dammam, Saudi Arabia Child Safety Seat Usage in the Global South: A Social Development Issue First Intertiol Joint Conference on Social Work and Social Development October 2015, East London, South Africa Exploring the Use of Photovoice for Social and Emotiol Learning with Female Muslim Social Work Students European Network for Social Emotiol Learning and Culture Conference July 2015, Lisbon, Portugal