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Dr. Leordo Menchini

I am currently, Chief Technical Advisor at the ILO Decent Work Team for North Africa, maging a project on "Advancing the Decent Work Agenda in North Africa". Between April 2016 and April 2018, I have been the chief of the Social Inclusion unit at UNICEF Morocco, where I supervised the work of the office on child poverty, social protection for children and decentralization. Between October 2011 and April 2016, I have been the Chief of Social Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation section at UNICEF Egypt, where I led the work on child poverty (with studies on child monetary poverty and multidimensiol poverty, and on the potential impacts on child poverty of the reform of energy subsidies) and coordited the support of UNICEF to the Egyptian Government for the reform of social protection. In Egypt, I coordited the UNICEF contribution to the 2014 Egypt DHS, the 2015 Egypt Health Issues Survey, and the 2014 sub-tiol MICS, and created the series ‘Children in Egypt’, a statistical digest on the situation of children in Egypt. Previously – between 2000 and 2011 – I was a researcher at the UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti, where I contributed and coordited research on child poverty and wellbeing and social policy in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, OECD countries and West African countries, including for the office’s flagship series Innocenti Social Monitors and Report Cards. I hold a PhD in Development Economics from the University of Florence.

Doctorate, University of Florence (Italy) - Department of Economics
Current or most recent Employer

Chief Technical Advisor

Intertiol Labour Office - Decent Work Team for North Africa
Time in Post - 1

Organisation Type: Intergovernmental organisation

Regional Expertise

Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia,

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Development Studies, Development (applied), Economics, Social/Public Policy

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c/o ILO Decent Work Team for North Africa - Cairo
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Children ( 20 years )

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Poverty/deprivation reduction

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