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Dr. Irene Selwaness
Doctorate, Université Paris 1 - Panthéon Sorbonne
Current or most recent Employer

Assistant Professor of Economics

Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University
Time in Post - 3

Organisation Type: University

Regional Expertise

Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia,

Disciplinary or professional background

Development Studies, Development (applied), Economics, Social/Public Policy

Contact Info


Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University - Al Orman, Giza P.O. Box 12613
Public Profiles

Current Areas of Policy Interest

Social protection

Labour and employment policies ( 10 years )

Social security systems ( 6 years )


Academic publications
Roushdy, R., & Selwaness, I. (2015). Duration to Cov- erage: Dymics of Access to Social Security in 7 Promoting Successful Transitions to Employment for Egyptian Youth the Egyptian Labor Market in the 1998-2012 Pe- riod. In R. Assaad & C. Krafft (Eds.), The Egyptian Labor Market in an Era of Revolution. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

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