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Imène Berguiga

Imene BERGUIGA, PhD in Economics and habilitated to supervise PhD students, is Associate Professor in Finance at the University of Sousse (IHEC, Tunisia).
She specialises in Accounting and Finance on the topics of microfinance, banks and small businesses funding in the MENA region and North African countries.
Since 2010, she published several papers in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings related to microfinance, funding Micro-Small and Medium Size Enterprises (MSMEs), female entrepreneurship and specific risks in Islamic banking.
E-mail: ;
Home address: Rue Youssef Saheb Attabaa, Khezema Ouest, Sousse.Tunisia
Mobile phone: +21695610809

Doctorate, Paris East University Val de Marne (UPEC), France
Current or most recent Employer

Associate Professor in Finance, HDR researcher

Institute of Higher Business Studies, University of Sousse, Tunisia
Time in Post - 8

Organisation Type: Consultancy and research - including think-tanks (private sector)

Regional Expertise

Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, State of Palestine, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen,

Disciplinary or professional background

Business, Development Studies, Development (applied), Economics, Evaluation research, Social/Public Policy, finance SME, gender

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IHEC Sousse Route Hzamia Sahloul 3 - BP n° 40 - 4054 Sousse - 4054 sousse
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Poverty/deprivation measurement


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