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Prof. Huda Basaleem
Doctorate, International University of Malaysia (UKM)
Current or most recent Employer

Head, Dept. Community Medicine and Public Health Director, Aden Cancer Registry and Research Center

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Aden University
Time in Post - 20

Organisation Type: University

Regional Expertise


Disciplinary or professional background

Development (applied), Education, Evaluation research, Health/Medicine, Social/Public Policy, Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Mathematics

Contact Info

+967 713455434

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Aden University Madit Al-Shaab, Villa 63 O2, P.O Box 11011, Aden, Yemen
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Huda Basaleem (Facebook)

Public Profiles

7 years

Current Areas of Policy Interest

Education policy

Family policy

Health policy


Academic publications
1. Alshakka M, Aldubhani A, Basaleem H, Hassali MA, Ibrahim MIM. Importance of Incorporating Social Pharmacy Education in Yemeni Pharmacy Schools Curriculum. Jourl of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine 2015, 1(1):6-11. Intertiol peer reviewed Jourl 2. Alshakka M, Ahmed Abdorabbo, Basaleem H, Jha N, Alshammari T. Knowledge, attitude beliefs and practices of community pharmacy dispensers in Aden, Yemen towards adverse drug reaction reporting. World Jourl of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2015; 3(10): 2111-2118. Intertiol peer reviewed Jourl

Academic conferences
Workshop on the "unity of working cards on mother and child health", Ministry of Public Health jointly with WHO, Sa'a, 21-23 December 1993. - Facilitator of the training course on "nutrition skills for the workers in mother and child health and nutri


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