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Dr. Hilary Gilbert
Doctorate, University of Manchester, UK
Current or most recent Employer

Research Fellow

University of Nottingham
Time in Post - 5

Organisation Type: University

Regional Expertise


Disciplinary or professional background

Anthropology, Development (applied)

Contact Info

+44 (0)1476 585979

School of Life Sciences University of Nottingham University Park Nottingham NG7 2RD UK
Current Areas of Policy Interest

Poverty or deprivation reduction ( 10 years )

Poverty or deprivation measurement ( 10 years )

Economic development ( 10 years )


Academic publications
Gilbert HC & al Jebaali M (2012) ‘Not philanthropists but revolutiories’: Promoting Bedouin participation in the ‘new Egypt’: a case study from South Sii. 49 pp. Voices on Arab Philanthropy and Civic Engagement Working Paper. Cairo: American University in Cairo. Gilbert HC (2013a) ‘Bedouin overgrazing’ and conservation politics: Challenging ideas of pastoral destruction in South Sii. Biological Conservation 160(2): 59-69 Gilbert HC (2013b )Trapped by tatriiz: Bedouin handicrafts and margilization in South Sii. Textile 11(2):128-139 Gilbert HC (2013c) ture=Life: Environmental identity as resistance in South Sii. Nomadic Peoples 17(2):40 -67

Academic conferences
Intertiol Society for Third Sector Research 2008, Barcelo: Walking a Tightrope in South Sii; Middle East Studies Association, Washington DC, 2011: Bedu and the price of 'development' in South Sii; Intertiol Society for Third Sector Research, Sie, 2012: Making Bedouin Voices Heard; Intertiol Union of Anthropological and Ethnographic Studies, Manchester, 2013: Environment = Life: Identity as Resistance in South Sii; Intertiol Society for Third Sector Research,Stockholm, 2016: Connecting Research & Practice for Global Community Philanthropy; Global Summit on Community Philanthropy, Johannesburg, 2016: #ShiftThePower: Community Philanthropy Promotes Effective Development

Professional or Trade Press
Gilbert HC (2013d) ‘The Mostery is our History’: Development, change and continuity for St Katherine’s Bedu. Siiticus (2013): 11-13 Gilbert HC (2014a) The Bedouin of St Katherine. Fortnightly Review, New Series. 6pp. Gilbert HC (2015) Further notes from South Sii. Fortnightly Review, New Series. 7pp. ShiftThePower: it's about time. Alliance Vol 21 No 4 Dec 2016 pp36-37



Social Media

Policy Reports
Gilbert HC (2014b) An Excluded Population: A Nuanced Approach to Sii’s Bedouin is Necessary to Secure the Region. 6pp plus appendices. Policy paper, Project on Middle East Democracy, Washington DC.

Consultancy Reports