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Mr. Hatim George Hatim
Masters (including MRes, MBA, MPA), University of Manchester
Current or most recent Employer

Self Employed

HGH Consult
Time in Post - 0.8

Organisation Type: Consultant/Self-employed

Regional Expertise

Iraq, Libya, Syrian Arab Republic,

Disciplinary or professional background

Development Studies, Economics, Evaluation research

Contact Info


P.O.Box 2210, Amman 11821
Current Areas of Policy Interest

Family policy

Economic development ( 25 years )


Academic publications
1. Hatim, H. G. “Stability of the Iraqi Dir Against the US Dollar: Is It Really a Developmental Necessity.” Iraqi Economists Network, April 2016, (in Arabic). 2. Hatim, H. G. “Monetary Policy of Iraq: Its Objectives, Features, Operational Mechanisms, and Actual Role in Iraq’s Economic Activity.” Iraqi Economists Network, April 2015. 3. Hatim, H.G. “Issues of Iraq's Monetary Policy: Role of Exchange Rate in Price Level Determination,” Arab Economic Journal/Centre for Arab Unity Studies, Issue Nos.59-60, Beirut, summer-autumn 2012 (in Arabic).

Academic conferences

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Policy Reports

Consultancy Reports

1. Hatim, H. G. " Economic Policies in Unstable Environments: Bolstering Social Cohesion and Enhancing Self Sustaining Development in Western Asia." Expert Group Meeting on Policies for Peace Building and Conflict Prevention in Western Asia, organised by The Unit for Emerging and Conflict-Related Issues of UN ESCWA, Beirut-Lebanon, 9-10 Dec 2009. 2. Hatim, H. G. “Urbanization and Poverty in the Arab Region,” Expert Group Meeting on Urban Governance and the MDGs, organised by The Social Policy Division of UN ESCWA Kuwait, 10-12 December 2007 3. Hatim, H. G. “Social and Economic Development Strategies That Lead to Rapid Economic and Human Development,” ESCWA’s Expert Group Meeting on the MDGs, organised by the Economic Analysis Division of UN ESCWA in Amman-Jordan, 26-27 Feb 2007 (in English).