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Dr. Ferdinand Eibl
Doctorate, University of Oxford
Current or most recent Employer

Lecturer in Political Economy

King's College London
Time in Post - 4

Organisation Type: University

Regional Expertise

Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia,

Disciplinary or professional background

Development Studies, Economics, Political science


Arabic (Spoken), English (Spoken), English (Written), English (Primary Writing Language), French (Spoken), French (Primary Writing Language), Other* (Spoken), Other* (Written),
Other *German

Contact Info

+44 (0)207848 2535

Department of Political Economy King’s College London Bush House North East Wing 30 Aldywch London WC2B 4BG
Social Media

@ferdinandeibl (Twitter)

Public Profiles

Current Areas of Policy Interest

Public Finance ( 6 years )

Education policy ( 6 years )

Health policy ( 6 years )

Social protection

Economic development ( 6 years )

Areas of Policy Interest over the last ten years

Areas of Policy Interest researched, programmes designed and/or delivered in the last ten years

Education policy

Health policy (Including health insurance)

Social protection

Social security systems

Economic development

Public finance


Academic publications

Policy Reports

Policy Briefs

Consultancy Reports
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