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Dr. Falah Abed

Education Ph.D. in Geographic Information Systems, Northeast Normal University, Chi,2009 Research Interests Remote sensing, GIS, urban ecology and land change science, and applied geomorphology, Iraq, Chi Selected Publications  “Identifying Optimum Sites for Locating Water Treatment Plant Employing Geographical Information Systems”, Proceeding of the IPACES 6th Annual Meeting, June25-28, 2007, Wuhan, Chi. (Included by SCIE)  “Logic and Mechanism between FDI Inflow and Trade Structure Optimization I Manufacturing Industry”, Proceedings of the 4th Intertiol Conference on Innovation & Magement, December5~6, 2007, Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan.(Included by ISTP)  “Globalization and Regiol Cooperation in South Asia”, Jourl of ASIA-PACIFIC ECONOMIC REVIEW,2008.3(Included by CSSCI)  “Open Source Web-based GIS and Database Tools for Emergency Response” Proceedings of the 2008 IEEE Intertiol Conference on Automation and Logistics (ICAL 2008), September 1~3, 2008, Qingdao, Chi. (Included by IE).  “Integrated Approach and GIS Application for Planning and Magement Toward Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study on Iraq”, 2nd Intertiol Conference on Information and Computing Science, May 21-22, 2009, Manchester, England, UK。(Included by IE).  ' Dymics of land use/ cover change in Iraqi marshlands using remote sensing techniques', Environmental Engineering and Magement Jourl,2019.

Doctorate, Northeast Normal University
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ministry of higher education and scientific research, Iraq
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