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Prof. Arnon Bar-On

Professor Bar-On established and headed Tel Hai's College Department of Human Services and currently teaches macro social practice in the college's Department of Social Work. In the past he taught in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of Haifa, Hong Kong University and the University of Botswa. His major publications cover child services, street children, social work practice, indigenous social work, and participatory rural appraisal (PRA).

Doctorate, University of Bristol
Current or most recent Employer


Tel Hai College
Time in Post - 16

Organisation Type: University

Regional Expertise

State of Palestine,

Disciplinary or professional background

Social/Public Policy, Other


English (Spoken), English (Written), English (Primary Writing Language), French (Primary Writing Language), Other* (Spoken), Other* (Written),
Other *Hebrew

Contact Info

(972) 548024884

Tel Hai College
Current Areas of Policy Interest

Poverty or deprivation reduction ( 30 years )

Public Policy ( 39 years )

Social work

Work relates to groups

Children ( 30 years )

Areas of Policy Interest over the last ten years

Areas of Policy Interest researched, programmes designed and/or delivered in the last ten years

Public Policy

Poverty/deprivation reduction

Social work


Academic publications