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Mr. Anna Self
Masters (including MRes, MBA, MPA), uOB
Current or most recent Employer

مدير وحدة ادارة مشروع

البنك الدولي

Organisation Type: Development partner

Regional Expertise

State of Palestine,

Disciplinary or professional background

Development Studies, Evaluation research, Humanities, Government, Social/Public Policy

Contact Info

103 lymore avencie
Current Areas of Policy Interest

Poverty or deprivation reduction ( 13 years )

Poverty or deprivation measurement ( 13 years )

Governance (Local Governance and Decentralization) ( 3 years )

Public Policy ( 18 years )

Social protection

Social safety nets ( 13 years )

Labour and employment policies ( 11 years )

Social security systems ( 7 years )

Economic development ( 3 years )


Academic conferences



Consultancy Reports